Online Pony TV for Pony Mad Kids

Entertaining, Educational, Inspiring

Online pony programmes your kids are going to LOVE

The World of ponies brought to your tablet, phone, tv etc

Pony tricks, pony days out, visits to other equestrians, follow us train our young horses, watch our young visitors enjoy time and learn about ponies, how to care for ponies, meet our inspirational young rider champions and much more

Perfect partner to riding lessons

Great for school holidays, long journeys, after school chill out time, bed-time watching  and more

All for the cost of a weekly hot chocolate in Costa!


What is Pony Tales Club?

Pony programmes that your kids are going to LOVE.

Join as a member for some fabulous benefits or buy box sets.

Become a member

4 half hour programmes a month with a variety of content PLUS special member benefits.

Special Member Benefits

  • Invites to members only VIP days here with the ponies*
  • Giveaways
  • Birthday card from the ponies
  • Discounts on visits here with the ponies*

The programmes will include

  • the ponies learning tricks or enjoying days out
  • learn how to care for ponies
  • 'a day in the life of' showcasing other equestrians
  • our inspirational young pony champions
  • our young visitors enjoying spending time and learning with the ponies
  • video diaries of the ponies and our big horses
  • tales from the tackroom - entertaining pony antics from owner, Amanda's life with equines
  • plus more

From £12.50 per month

*All activities here on site with the ponies are provided by Cheshire Pony Parties

Buy a box set

6 or 12 half hour programmes per box set.

Choose from either one topic OR buy one series including a variety of topics such as:

  • ponies learning tricks
  • handling ponies
  • feeding ponies
  • a day in the life of
  • etc


Who is Pony Club Tales for?

Great for any pony mad child aged 4-14

Perfect partner to riding lessons

Useful for first time pony owning children and

First time pony owning parents!

When to use Pony Tales Club

School holidays

Fantastic accompaniment to riding lessons

After school chill out time

Long journeys

Bed time watching


We know what kids love

Owner, Amanda has run Cheshire Pony Parties since 2008 and is know for being great at engaging children.

She has a vast experience of horse ownership exceeding 40 years including training, driving, breeding, jumping and competing. She competes regularly when she can is is currently training 2 new young horses.

Amanda is committed to producing fun, educational and inspiring pony programmes to entertain your child.


"Amanda certainly knows how to entertain children"

"Excellent presentation and delivery"

Take a look at examples of some of our content

How does it work?

If you join one of the memberships you'll gain access to all the great, child focussed pony videos we've published so far.

We'll email you to let you know there's a new programme to watch but you can see all your available programmes from your login page, similar to other tv channels.

Your child can watch the programmes on a variety of devices eg phone, tablet, laptop, connected tv etc. The device just needs to be connected to the internet.

Your videos will remain available to you for as long as you remain a member.

On joining we'll send you a video to show you exactly how to access your videos (but it's really straightforward).

All your details are available on the website once you have logged in - the login is at the bottom of every page on the website.

Your first payment is processed when you join. Payments will then be taken monthly unless you cancel, which you can do at any time from your login page.

For box sets you simply purchase your choice of box sets from the shop page.