Online Pony TV for Pony Mad Kids

Silver membership

4 half hour programmes a month with a variety of content PLUS special member benefits.

Special Member Benefits

  • Invites to members only VIP days here with the ponies*
  • Giveaways
  • Birthday card from the ponies
  • Discounts on visits here with the ponies*
Horse tv for kids

The programmes will include

  • the ponies learning tricks or enjoying days out
  • learn how to care for ponies
  • 'a day in the life of' showcasing other equestrians
  • pony crafts and quizzes
  • tips on how to ride
  • video diaries of the ponies and our big horses
  • tales from the tackroom - entertaining pony antics from owner, Amanda's life with equines

£12.50 per month for 1 child, additional £4 per extra child

*All activities here on site with the ponies are provided by Cheshire Pony Parties