Our Aim

We want to create the best online pony club for kids with engaging, inspiring, well planned content which is professionally produced.

We hope Pony Tales Club will lead the field in this new venture in what is an emerging sector, in the same way owner Amanda has been at the cutting edge of creating great new activities within the pony party sector in her pony party business, Cheshire Pony Parties.

What do you offer?

A monthly membership providing weekly educational and entertaining videos.

Box sets of videos – perfect for school holidays.

Members will also receive invites to our members only VIP days and will receive discount off on-site activities provided by Cheshire Pony Parties (& Cheshire Unicorns).

What age group do you cover?

We’re aiming the content at the 4/5 to 12/13 age range.

Is the content suitable for children?

The content has been produced specifically for Pony Tales Club and developed by Amanda Keech. Amanda has over 10 years’ experience of running a successful pony party business and over 40 years’ experience of owning and caring for equines. She is able to translate her equestrian knowledge and experience into language that is understood and engaging to the 4/5 to 12/13 age group.

The content is therefore suitable for this age-group and contains no content that would be considered unsuitable for this age group.

Where children appear in the content permission to include them has been obtained from their parent/ responsible adult.

Where is the content filmed?

Most of the videos are filmed at our home, either in one of the paddocks, our lovely orchard our stables or sometimes at our horse yard a few miles away from our home.

Occasionally we will take the ponies on trips out.

Our ‘day in the life of’ series will be filmed at various other stables.

Wherever we are the content will be scrutinised to ensure it’s suitability for children.

How does the membership work?

It’s fairly straightforward – you hop onto the ‘join’ page and provide your details.

You’ll quickly receive an email letting you know your account is active.

You’ll then receive weekly emails providing the content for that week. You’ll aslo be able to see all your available content on your membership page.

You can cancel at any time via your membership account page.

How do I buy a box set and what is it?

A box set is one month’s worth of membership content (approximately 4x 30 minute videos).

Box sets come as either ‘mixed bundle’ or on one particular topic

You can buy multiple box sets if you wish.

If you go onto the ‘shop’ page on the website and click the link for box sets you can choose what you think your child would prefer.

You’ll be provided with instructions as to how to access the content you’ve purchased.

With a box set all the content you’ve purchased is available immediately so you can either watch one video at a time of binge watch the lot in one go.

How do I book an onsite activity

Details for all the onsite activities will be provided on the events page.

All onsite events will be operated and run by Cheshire Pony Parties www.cheshireponyparties.co.uk

Please refer to Cheshire Pony Parties terms and conditions for our booking policies.
To benefit from a discount simply use the discount code at the checkout.

We provide full location details along with comprehensive details for a visit here if and when you book to visit us.